Challenge coins also named as military coins


About 30 years agao, a small quantity challenge coins started to be produced in Guangdon of China. All most of challenge coins are made by China by now.  More and more wholesalers in USA purchase these customize coins from China as the cheaper cost than Taiwan or South Korea.  Custom challenge coins industry have been one of most important business for us since 1993 when we start our business in Kunshan, China. It’s also been very easy to make  coins with the development of internet since 2002.

Challenge coins has a very long history but the main specificity are not changed. They are follows,

challenge coin

What types challenge coins we’re manufacturing.

  • Soft enamel – die struck or die casting
  • Hard enamel – die struck or die casting
  • No colors – sandlasting or gritty, die struck or die casitng
  • Antique challenge coins

What materials for challenge coins

  • Copper – top class material
  • Bronze or Brass – normal
  • Zinc alloy – or deep 3D effect and large coins, i.e., 3″ and up
  • Stain Steel
  • Aluminium
  • thickness 2mm,  3mm,  3.5mm,  4mm and up


  • PVC envolop bag  for 1.5″ – 2″  – FREE
  • PVC pouch for any sizes, even 3″ and  up – FREE
  • Coin capsule for 1.5″ – 2″
  • Plastic box
  • Velet bag
  • Velet box
  • pvc-pouch

coincapluse  velet-box velet-bag

Options for challenge coins

  • Antique hard enamel
  • Antique finish with shiny finish, shiny gold with shiny silver, two antique finshes
  • Botter opener coin
  • Dogtag coin
  • Epoxy coating or dome
  • Coins with printing or photo dome
  • laser numbers or engraved numbers
  • Coin Edges
    • Flat edge – FREE
    • Swral edge
    • Cross cut edge
    • bezel edge, spur edge
    • rope edge
    • reeded edge at the coin side
    • Wave cut
    • laser edge letters
    • engrave edge letters – need extra mold charge