A lot of people buy custom challenge coins that different coin manufacturing companies issue on special occasions.  Even families buy them to exchange so that they can make their personal events more memorable.  These events include Christmas, Thanksgiving Day,  911 day, parents’ day,  Valentine’s Day,  and many other days which are celebrated globally.

Many small to giant companies use them to promote their existing and upcoming products.  This is one of the biggest use snow days.  This cheap yet expressive tool is great for advertisement of a company.  Many people buy these already created custom coins from various coin manufacturing companies.  Some of them collect them as a hobby.  One reason these coins are getting famous is their price, and unlimited variety.  When somebody wants to choose a coin to customize it, he has millions of options.

These include variations that make through color, shape, design, graphics, text, logo, coin material, etc.  Many materials be used to create these coins. Some people like to exchange them on weddings. On such occasions, they may like to order gold or silver plated coins.  These coins are a little high in price, but their memories are precious.